Kids’ pick-up soccer in Exhibition Park (2017)

Spring is here!   Kids’ soccer will be starting April  30.  It will be running Sundays at 2pm; please contact if you’d like to be added to the email list for soccer info.
For those who weren’t involved in past years, this is a free skills/scrimmage meet-up for kids — we’ll provide the nets, balls, and pinnies to have a friendly practice game.  You come out with your kids and help make this a great experience!
We’re welcoming school aged kids, and if we have enough kids we’ll likely break into a younger & an older group.
On that note, if there are any parents out there that could help with the youngest children, that would be great. This way, they can also have fun kicking the balls around and even have a little game of their own with the smaller nets.
Thanks, Bill
PS St. George’s Park NG also has kids’ soccer for grades 4-8, Tuesday evenings at 6pm.  See their Facebook site for registration info: here.