Coming to a neighbourhood street near you…

Lemonade stands will soon be hitting the streets of the Ex Park community!

Who are these stands for?

Kids get first dibs at the lemonade stands. They can use them to sell anything they’d like. It’s an opportunity for them to show off their creativity while honing valuable entrepreneurial skills.

On days where there isn’t demand from kids then adults are welcome to get in on the action too. Just remember, kids get priority.

How do I book a stand?

I’m so glad you asked. Each stand will have its own awning colour, which will help us keep track of them. If you’d like to book a lemonade stand simply email Shawna at info(at)ShawnaPercy(dot)com

The stands have wheels so adults (or super strong kids) will be able to move them where they’d like them.

The person who books the stand is responsible for picking up the stand from its current location and moving it to their home. The next individual to book the stand will then be responsible for picking up the stand from the previous home and moving it to their home, and so on.

Stands can be put into action at any time. So, be on the look out around the streets of Exhibition Park for little entrepreneurs and their goods.

How is this possible?

RONA has graciously donated most of the materials needed to build 4 lemonade stands.

Shawna Percy from donated the fabric for the awnings.

The shop class at the Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute has donated their skills and their time. The students are currently building all 4 stands for our neighbourhood!

When will they be ready?

Fingers crossed the market stands will be ready for the June 4th creativity picnic.

If you’d like to be one of the first participants to take advantage of the lemonade stands email Shawna so she can reserve a stand for you.